Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 September 11th became a sweeter day for me when the boy I crushed on from the moment we met asked to know me "better than friends". I was speechless then as I've been speechless many times over by his sincerity, boldness, passion and love for me. 

 He leads me confidently, always a few steps ahead, paving the way, trusting I will follow him...
and faithfully, joyfully, purposefully I do.

 I don't always know his thoughts. I don't always understand his reason. But I trust his heart, and I believe in the One he follows, I know the Love he gives is real; will last...

 He's so much funnier than me! I only wish I could have some killer come-backs 'cause it's really not fair how hilarious he can be... only downside is he doesn't always pick the best times to be funny... except this one:
Who needs a cork screw?
 From start to finish, the whole evening was planned... grilled Italian chicken salad, grainy bread with dipping sauces, and of course, the wine!
 My only touch was a glorious apple crumb pie to remember the sweet moments from our wedding day one year ago.
And the flavor of love we've now shared four years today.
What an incredible journey it has been! Many, many challenges, but so much more love than we ever dreamed of; so much promise for the days ahead...
 Happy Anniversary my husband! I love you so much more than I can say...
Thank you for loving me!