Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 It's been a month of firsts, Nollie
You had your first night in your own room
I must admit I awoke twice as often just to check on you
And thankfully the [short] distance between us never phased you

You rolled over for the first time!
We were so enthralled 
And you acted as if you knew how to do it all along
Silly, wonderful, rolling girl

 Daddy made the first fire of the fall season
And you were completely mesmerized! 
What a handle on his heart you have, my dear

 You found your thumb for the first time!
Simply adorable
This has allowed you to soothe yourself sweetly to sleep
And I am not complaining

 It was not the first time I made my own birthday cake, 
but it was the first time I ate it by myself
(Only one or two, ok three slices, I might add)

Still, it was a lovely day just you and me
You are my greatest gift, my truest joy, my first born daughter
As am I, and that makes us quite special, you know

The first of many (I hope!) mother-daughter devotional times began this month
Not just you and me, but with your Grammy and Aunties as well!

Sweet truths shared, our hearts daily encouraged, deepening together
Such a welcomed way to start our days, even though miles apart

For you, darling, every waking moment holds the promise of new firsts
And you make me hold each moment precious as if it were the first and only one

How fast these five months with you have flown!
Here's to a lifetime of firsts ahead of us
I love you with all my heart,