Thursday, June 25, 2015


 Oh happy day! You, my darling daughter, are one year old!

 You absolutely delighted in the experience of glowing faces, clapping hands and adoring laughter

 You radiate joy and beauty, even our friends call you "graceful"

We had an Enchanted Forest Spring Soiree 
 And some of your favorite things, bubbles and balloons, were present in abundance

As were all our sweet friends who couldn't possibly miss such a special day

 Their beautiful children whom we've grown to know and love, how precious are they 
and so are you, sweet girl

Your Nana and Papa Jim, Auntie Angela and Grandma Mary were there, 
making the preparations so much smoother, 
and doing what they do best, loving on you!
Happy Birthday Nollie Wren!
You are the most precious gift God has given to us and we love you with all our hearts!
Mama + Dada