Monday, January 9, 2012


 I miss being young and waking up to white wonderlands,
baking, tasting and decorating cookies, 
giving special attention to buttons, eyes, noses and smiles. 
I miss the anticipation,
the joy...

 We went to his home and all of the sudden 
my husband became a chef!
Pancakes to perfection.
I see him smile and I am swept away...

 Away to beauty I had never known.
Creation I had only dreamed about, longed to be apart of.

But, oh so far, far away...

We laughed so hard together.
We were timeless.
We shared real life.

He had so much fun on that mountain!
And he blew me away with his patience and protection
as I fell and fell again, got frustrated and scared,
he just pulled me up out of that snow and believed in me
...and I flew.

We welcomed the new year with friends and family,
sushi and fireworks and sparkling champagne.

What will 2012 hold for us?
What will we give away this year,
what will we lose,
what will we gain?

 So many questions.
I only know I cannot be scared.
I am finding more and more reasons to give thanks.
And when I say them, when write them down,
as I count these graces I am given every day,
there I find the joy I had missed.
The joy that never really goes