Friday, March 22, 2013

welcome spring!

The birds have been singing in the early mornings for a few weeks now, stealing strips of straw from my flower basket on the deck rail. Undoubtedly, their nests will endure the storms to come.
Oh, come, spring, come! We are all ready to breathe you in again, to feel your warmth again.

You are the hope of all things green and bright and new...
For the past 21 days I've been re-training my taste buds to crave green over goodies. I do have an overwhelming love for sweets... And it gets the better of me sometimes :)
It's been such a good cleanse for me, experimenting with different flavor combinations, all raw and healing and life-giving. My energy and clarity are pristine.
(I gave up coffee too!)

Craving Vitamin D, I welcome the taste of California sunshine in pure white almond milk, creamy, nutty goodness soaked and strained.
 And pulsing those roasty nuts smooth with maple, cinnamon, and mocha flavors. So many options to play with and enjoy!

Or package up and give away.
(These are for you, Dad!)
So even though it snowed on the first day of this new season, I'll still say, "Welcome Spring!" Even if you are slow to show your colors and stingy on the sunshine, all good things come to those who wait, right? So I'll wait and enjoy my home-made goodies in the meantime!

Check out my inspiration at
She's one crazy gal with a passion for health and wellness, loved her book!

Friday, March 1, 2013


I'm finding myself home alone more often.
I actually enjoy just sitting quiet, listening 
to my favorite tunes, getting chores done, cooking...
I don't think I've been bored a day in my life.
I could definitely be a stay-at-home wife! :)

The times I'm spending in stillness teach me so much.
The books, the writing down and underlining of simple
truths that set my heart and mind in the right places...
I need this space.
I need gratitude.
I need grace for myself and all my wanderings.
Starting over for the 3rd time in my gratitude journal.
So many gifts in just a little over a year...
So moving to look back on all the small and 
seemingly insignificant gifts that over time compile into 
this beautiful generosity over our lives...

Gifts we certainly didn't deserve and sadly forget 
so easily in all the bustle and business of day-to-day routine.
Forgetting even to say, "thank you!"
Taking the time to reflect on this Goodness gives me perspective.
I find inspiration to give the day a chance to surprise me again,
to give Him space to make me new again.

I wonder what wonderful gifts are in store for today!