Friday, July 3, 2015


One month ago we moved from coastal, riverbank, hillside Astoria 
to valley center, farmland rich, Cascade rimmed Salem

Among two great job opportunities
We've always believed family is our greatest asset and strongest support system
And to have our children grow up with these ties and trust is invaluable

But moving is hard nonetheless
And these days of late, these days of different and new and obscure
Many ideals and expectations and plans have shifted
And my usual calm, go-with-the-flow optimism
Slowly faded into discouragement and doubt
I began to miss 'home' terribly

And then my love stepped in
So consciously filled in the gaps with grace and understanding
Listening to and fighting for my heart

Not only has he taken on more than his share of chores and busy tasks
He's also cleaned after, bathed and fed her
And fills her with so much life and joy
{first word upon waking always "Dah!"}

She lives and breathes his energy, his initiative
And the adoration between them is captivating!

But the ripple is me washed over
So loved

I'm reminded that my 'home' is a heart filled with peace and contentment
My 'home' is a family who loves and accepts me
A place that is open to whatever may come
Because Love resides within

Eighteen weeks
Boy or Girl
To be announced soon!