Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This Road

Several unexpected bumps have come across our path lately
Some we've looked up with surprise and wonder
Others we've nodded and knowingly smiled
There's hope and uncertainty
Yet also peace and much trust 

What we do know is that seasons change
Our hearts grow wider and deeper with love and wisdom
And moving on or moving forward isn't truly saying goodbye

It's embracing the journey and finding gratitude for those who've shared 
and given so much of themselves to us along the way

Ryan + Ella

Salo + Nollie

Four babies born within six months of each other

All in all, seven children under the age of three
And we road-tripped them across the state to do real life together
To wake up in the wee morning hours 
And play and play 'til they crashed in our beds

To soak up sunny rays and breathe crisp mountain air

To simply be together... what a way to spend a vacation!

These friends who welcomed us into parenthood,
lovingly watching our daughter grow
And letting us be apart of their world...
There are no words

 Ten months old little girl!
One thing's for sure is that you make life beautiful
No matter where this road may lead us
We are a family
All of us

And God gives us a glimpse of eternity 
when we choose to live a life of love and togetherness

This road that we travel
May it be the straight and narrow
God give us peace and grace from You
all the days through
- Jars of Clay