Sunday, November 29, 2015

Home Update!

 Well it's been 4 months since we moved into our Sublimity home
and both Curtis and I have been so encouraged and even surprised
these past few weeks as final projects are coming to a close
And with new baby to arrive any day now,
we are quite ready to step back and enjoy some of the fruits of our labor!

(Not that home projects are EVER over or finished:)

Here are some Before and After pics from July 31st to today!

The Fireplace: Before


Curtis hand-laid the stone and crafted the mantle out of trim moulding himself!
There was dry wall repair involved, splinting the stone upon the wall, and painstakingly hiding all the TV cords for his insistent wife! I couldn't be happier or more proud of his work!

The Living Room: Before


Paint does wonders for a room... as well as warmth and comfort
Here we chose a soft neutral grey and bright white trim 
We ordered the rug from Wayfair and the gallery wall frames and sectional are Fred Meyer

The Dining Room: Before


 Although a bold choice in the eyes of my husband, I just love this pop of color in our home!
To me it goes with every season and looks outstanding with the white crown molding Curtis put up
I also wanted a color that complimented the opposite grey rooms as well as all my red kitchen accents

Sitting Room/Office: Before


 This sitting room/office does seem a bit crowded with our giant bookcase but with all the bright light shining through and cream rug (from World Market), its a place that suits our needs well.
We may opt for a smaller round storage ottoman to grace the center in place of the wood coffee table

 Nollie's Room: Before


I chose off-white walls and bright-white trim in our kids' rooms so that I could easily 
change decor as they grow and so that special accents take center stage.
I also love how the natural light bounces off the walls making it feel big and clean
She adores her room and big girl bed and we love spending time with her in here!
(Curtains from Marshall's and yellow chair is from Target)

Guest Bathroom: Before


I wish you could see how awful the first vanity and sink were in this room!
We found this gorgeous marble top at a discounted price with the undermount sink 
then updated the vanity with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.
The lighting, window blinds, faucet and shower system are new as well
(All from Home Depot)
And the walls went from brown to slate grey
It really feels like a brand new bathroom!

New Baby's Room: Before


Paint and deep cleaning did this room wonders and I had so much fun putting a 'theme' together 
out of vintage boyhood memorabilia from Curtis and his dad's childhood 
as well as all the gender-neutral baby items from Nollie's first nursery!
The only new items I purchased are the curtains, wall decor and navy pillow in the crib
(All from Target)

 Guest Bedroom: Before


Paint, deep cleaning and new blinds were all that was needed here
But to have this room ready for family and friends is a blessing I will not take for granted!

Stairwell: Before


I must say that painting stair rail spindles is a difficult and tedious task!
And I must admit we have yet to go back and do a second coat… ugh,
But that window update looks phenomenal and this week I took up a
Black Friday offer and got the stairwell carpet deep cleaned and shampooed (for free!)
Since Nollie climbs up and down so much on her hands and knees
this made me feel so much better!

In 2016 we plan to do some updating in the kitchen with new lighting, hardware and window treatments and we have quite a big project looming over us in our master bathroom…
let's just say it will get its own post!

We are also so blessed to have Curtis home for three weeks in December after baby comes
and he plans on painting and putting up crown moulding in our master bedroom!

All in all, what started out as a big leap of faith for me, and quite uncertain I would ever feel at home here, I can now say I am truly humbled and grateful God has provided us with such a spacious and personally-fitting home! He knows exactly what we need, even when we can't see it ourselves!

Next up: New baby (due December 3rd) and Christmas!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Favorite Week of the Year

Dear mid-October,

Thank you for turning aspen leaves gold and the sky pure blue

Thank you for giving us weather unmatched by any other time of year
More than enough reason to come together, all of us

And bask in Autumn's crisp, clear air

And brilliant light

How blessed are we to fill our arms with children

Our hearts with their memories young and flourishing
To watch them grow in wonder
Pure delight

Thank you for giving us pumpkins big and round

For cornstalks and barrel rides

For savoring these days as precious gems

 Rejoicing in the gifts of harvest

And the magic of creation all around

Each year I'm touched by your warmth; held captive by your sights and smells

I cannot imagine a more perfect time to count my blessings
and give thanks to the One who made the seasons and all their changings

Humbly loved and celebrated,
I delight in my birthday week and welcome 28 years
(and 7 months pregnant)!
May the joys of this season carry on
Lingering in my heart and soul
Reminding me to give thanks in all circumstances
Rejoicing always
And again,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Welcome Fall!

Oh, Summer
What a season of change you were!
We embarked on a path of many unknowns

But as the days grew shorter and the temperatures finally cooled
We found ourselves walking familiarly again
We are finally feeling at home

Miss Nollie will be a big sister in just two months!
Sweet baby brother we are so in love with you already

You are bigger and more active than your sister was
And we marvel at God's handiwork as from within you continue to grow
Such a mystery, a miracle even, that we can hardly wait to behold

And how truly blessed this pregnancy has been! 
I can only give utter thanks from a humble heart
He knows exactly what we need

But this season is also for cherishing the fading babyhood of my precious girl
And how quickly such a big girl you are becoming every day!

At sixteen months you have more than 30 comprehensible words and 
countless babbling phrases that you use in the most darling ways

You are an outdoor explorer and a mulch digger (much to my laundering dismay)
An acorn hunter and a collector of all things smooth and round 


You love music and clapping and playing silly games
Your sense of humor continues to blow me away, such a joy girl!

You adore all things soft and cuddly 
You are a true comfort-seeker, like your daddy

And he loves you more than anyone in the whole world
You are his princess, his treasure, his very heart

As we look back on you, Summer, with mixed emotions, sighs of relief and prayers of thanks
We welcome Fall with open arms and hearts full of hope

For who knows what adventures are about to unfold!