Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let Your Heart Be Light

 Nollie's first Christmas was picture perfect

She was enthralled with every shiny, glittery ember of color and jingle 
she could get her hands (or mouth) on and we often let her with a careful watching eye

 We were so blessed to receive two succulent Dungeness from a generous fishing family
and despite being without many of our loved ones, 
these delicious crab made the holiday quite extraordinary

 Thankfully our dear sistas Angela and Mallory made the trek out to Astoria 
to sit at our table and snuggle our little love bug
It wouldn't have been the same without them

We watched A Muppet Christmas Carol and drank cocoa with candy canes
before retiring to bed with our wee little wonder girl
The magic of this Eve still gets to me...

The next morning we helped her open presents and 
she ate wrapping paper and we put festive bows on her head
I found myself basking in the mess of it all, not a care in the world
but to be present here

 We lazed around the house, Facetimed grandmas and grandpas, ate a giant brunch and then 
went for a glorious sprinkling walk as tradition so graciously allowed

Her Daddy loves to stroll her up and down the hilly streets of our neighborhood, 
humorously questioning what would happen if he let go… um, please don't!

 All in all, these are the things I hope to remember this Christmas,
As my favorite carol sings:

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more
Through the years 
We all will be together
If the fates allow
Hang a shining star
Upon the highest bough
And have yourself
A merry little Christmas now

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dear Daddy

you're the hero that gives me airplane rides 
catching me ever so softly as I land in your safe, strong arms

you're the first face I see each morning 
greeting me with scruffy kisses and big bright eyes
 I love watching the news with you before you go to work

you play with me and show me how to enjoy the simplest of pleasures
you sing me songs and let me grab your nose and pull on your beard

you take me to see hidden waterfalls, carrying me safely over muddy puddles 
and through misty woods to make memories I will carry in my heart

you take me on spontaneous coffee dates and let me taste latte foam 
you call me your princess and tell me how loved and beautiful I am

happy birthday daddy!
I love you with all the love you give to me each day
thank you for being my whole wide world

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 It's been a month of firsts, Nollie
You had your first night in your own room
I must admit I awoke twice as often just to check on you
And thankfully the [short] distance between us never phased you

You rolled over for the first time!
We were so enthralled 
And you acted as if you knew how to do it all along
Silly, wonderful, rolling girl

 Daddy made the first fire of the fall season
And you were completely mesmerized! 
What a handle on his heart you have, my dear

 You found your thumb for the first time!
Simply adorable
This has allowed you to soothe yourself sweetly to sleep
And I am not complaining

 It was not the first time I made my own birthday cake, 
but it was the first time I ate it by myself
(Only one or two, ok three slices, I might add)

Still, it was a lovely day just you and me
You are my greatest gift, my truest joy, my first born daughter
As am I, and that makes us quite special, you know

The first of many (I hope!) mother-daughter devotional times began this month
Not just you and me, but with your Grammy and Aunties as well!

Sweet truths shared, our hearts daily encouraged, deepening together
Such a welcomed way to start our days, even though miles apart

For you, darling, every waking moment holds the promise of new firsts
And you make me hold each moment precious as if it were the first and only one

How fast these five months with you have flown!
Here's to a lifetime of firsts ahead of us
I love you with all my heart,

Monday, September 29, 2014

Falling for her

Oh baby love of mine!

You grow more and more lovely each day

And how special it is that you were sought after and sweetly spoiled by your 
Grammy & Papa this past week

Getting to know you was there joy and delight!

As is mine every day dear one

You are trying ever so hard to sit and now with the help of your new chair 
you are enjoying a whole new view of your great big world

 You are very vocal on your tummy and back and love to talk to yourself, 
squealing and squawking with wonder and surprise

You LOVE your hands! Your fingers are your constant source of entertainment 
and taste as you try to fit all ten of them into your mouth at once 

 We made beautiful memories with you this week

Lots of hugs and kisses and marveling at the wonderful things you do


Happy four months darling girl! 
We have certainly fallen for you!

There's no place like...

Some days I miss 'Kansas' terribly
As much as a grey day yearns for a golden sunset
As much as a lonely road aches for friends to share the journey

But these days of late I have found a resting place
Stepping out of a whirlwind the past six weeks
I have somehow landed in a dreamy world of color and calm

Baby girl and I are figuring out life together
Like a bud on a branch she is the work of joy
Daddy is working hard as ever but finally able to enjoy his free days with us
He never ceases to amaze me

This hundred year old house is more than we bargained for
In healthy and hard ways it has taught and tended to us
As we tended and turned it nearly upside down
Fruit of labor welcomed to our taste

I can now look out and not only admire a stunning view
But see beyond to what God is doing for His glory
In and through us there is work being accomplished
That is far greater that painting walls and furnishing floorspace

We are being called to give and serve generously
To value hearts over home decor and relationships over the roof that covers us
As hard as it may be, I am learning to count all as loss
And to work with grace immeasurable for the things that last
The things that really matter

Home is where the heart is they say
And there's no place like a heart full of heaven
A heart resting in the goodness and love of our Savior
Hopeful and heavy enough that it overflows