Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dear Daddy

you're the hero that gives me airplane rides 
catching me ever so softly as I land in your safe, strong arms

you're the first face I see each morning 
greeting me with scruffy kisses and big bright eyes
 I love watching the news with you before you go to work

you play with me and show me how to enjoy the simplest of pleasures
you sing me songs and let me grab your nose and pull on your beard

you take me to see hidden waterfalls, carrying me safely over muddy puddles 
and through misty woods to make memories I will carry in my heart

you take me on spontaneous coffee dates and let me taste latte foam 
you call me your princess and tell me how loved and beautiful I am

happy birthday daddy!
I love you with all the love you give to me each day
thank you for being my whole wide world